QuadCopter Version 2 - UAV and Sensors

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Main Processor and Sensors

Our first board was based on an Atmel ATmega328 chip and the board was designed to accomodate the a ITG3200/ADXL345 Accelerometer/Gyro breakout board from Sparkfun. This first version used the MultiWii software.

We have since moved on to using the Aeroquad software which we find to be much more stable and has many extra features. The ATmega328 board was sadly no longer up to the job and required a microcontroller with more memory. The Aeroquad software was originally designed to run on an Arduino Mega board with a shield which gave all the connections to the Radio Control receiver, speed controllers etc.

Because we like to build stuff ourselves and because we didn't want the size and weight of an Arduino Mega plus shield, we designed and built our own board. The ATmega2560 chip has a lot of pins and the pin spacing is very small, so we opted instead to use an ATmega1284 chip which in 44 pin TQFP format is much easier to solder and has enough program memory (128K) to easily accomodate the Aeroquad code (currently compiled at 34k with the options we have selected)

UAV Flight control board and sensors